Education and Support Services for Syracuse's Children

Stephanie drafted, co-sponsored, and helped pass the Say Yes to Education program for Syracuse city schools. This legislation provided $1 million to help prepare inner city students for college, as well as help pay for college tuition. Syracuse is now a national model for this program and because of Say Yes, more than 600 Syracuse high school students will attend college for free this fall. As mayor, Stephanie will capitalize on the promise of Say Yes to Education and promote it throughout the county as a means to bring middle class families back to our city neighborhoods.

As mayor, she’ll continue her support of the West Side Community School Strategy, designed to ensure that students attending school on the Westside graduate from high school on time and are prepared to continue their education or enter the workforce, while being thoughtful, productive, and contributing citizens.

Stephanie possesses an unwavering commitment to finding and implementing new solutions that dramatically close the achievement gap and improve graduation rates. She knows there are no band-aids for these problems, but as mayor she will provide the political leadership and resources necessary to improve city schools.