Economic Development and Job Creation

The next mayor should not aim to be “pro-development” or “anti-development,” “pro-business” or “anti-business.” Stephanie will work with community leaders in the public and private sectors to demand smart development and smart business solutions. This means implementing an economic development policy based on accountability for real jobs and growth. It means predictability for business owners. And it means focusing resources on key areas such as green infrastructure and technology.

Stephanie will work with the county to create a cohesive set of guiding principles to attract businesses to the region. She will appoint a specific liaison to every economic development project.

SUNY ESF, Syracuse University and private sector firms have planted the seeds for a new energy economy and green jobs in Syracuse.  Stephanie believes we must marry our finite resources to environmental and sustainability initiatives, provide incentives for locally designed green projects, and examine alternative energy uses for government buildings to promote energy efficiency and minimize our footprint.