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Message from Stephanie

Dear Friends,

I am honored to receive the Democratic Committee’s endorsement. Over the past several weeks, I’ve been in our neighborhoods, community centers and churches. I've stood before the parents, neighbors and business owners who make up our local Democratic Committee, sharing my vision with them and asking them to look forward with me. I am humbled by their overwhelming response. As a lifelong Democrat, How do I delete my 24option account it means a lot to me to know the community members who make up the committee share my vision for a new Syracuse. The principles that define the Democratic Party – justice, equality, and opportunity for children and families – are principles I’ll never take lightly. They are the core values that drive our shared desire to create jobs that support our families, to improve our schools and graduation rates, and to ensure that our neighborhoods thrive and our streets are safe. While this pledge of support is significant, it is just the beginning of a long conversation between us about the city we love. I look forward to continuing this conversation with fellow Democrats and fellow citizens across the city.